WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) 9

High ho, high ho, it’s off to work we go!

I’m taking a class at the University of MN this week on Entrepreneurship Economics, and with the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. schedule it feels like I’m back at work. Boy, am I not used to it! I’ve been utterly exhausted all week. It’s also a lot of knowledge being crammed into my brain, which is draining in and of itself, but it’s all good stuff. Makes me want to start my own business some day. :)

This weekend was also exhausting, but in the best of ways. Girls night Friday (complete with all the wine and delicious food your heart could desire), bridal shower Saturday, Basilica Block Party Saturday night, baby shower Sunday, and a Pedal Pub Sunday for a friend’s 30th birthday. Whoofta! Nothing like lots of good food, live outdoor music and celebrations with friends to round out the weekend. It was super fun, and I totally paid for it on Monday. It was worth it though. So so worth it.

The downside to all this fun? I honestly can’t remember the last time the fiancé and I have cooked something. Sometime last week is my guess. This weekend we ate out for dinner all nights and even lunch one day (yikes!). We’ve been eating out more than usual lately. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that we are moving to the other side of town in less than 2 weeks and are trying to get to any last places we’ve been dying to go to! Excuses, excuses…I know. :)

This week I’ve been fed both breakfast and lunch at the conference, and met out with some college friends last night before teaching yoga. Tonight I’m on my own for dinner. So far I’ve had…cheese and crackers. Hmm. I better raid the fridge here soon and see what else I can scrounge up for dinner!

So today’s What I Ate Wednesday is a mini compilation of a few things I’ve had to eat (and drink!) this past week. I’m super bad about taking pictures of one’s days worth of food lately. Although I could tell you about it sans pictures, but that’s just no fun.

Here ya go!

WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) 9

1) Fruit kabobs and veggie cups at the bridal shower. My mom made these fruit kabobs – I thought it was such a cute idea!

WIAW 9 I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

2) A chia tea latte with almond milk at a little place in Minneapolis called Parka. This was on Saturday afternoon, in between the baby shower and the block party. I needed a little pick me up on what was a rainy afternoon!

WIAW-9 I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

3) A shot of green juice Sunday morning to detox. Kale, lettuce, and spinach with some strawberries. It was pretty bitter for my taste, but I survived!

wiaw 9 I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

4) Fried rice from our favorite Asian restaurant that I have not stopped talking about (and if you follow me regularly, you know what I mean!). It’s probably the best fried rice I’ve ever had. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it!

WIAW 9 I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

5) Pho. That I pronounce exactly as it is written, but is not the correct way to say it. It’s more like Fha than Pho. Anyway, it was good, but not my favorite. I’ll have to try it at another place to see if I like it better!

WIAW 9 I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

And that’s all I’ve got for you for tonight. Tomorrow I’m hoping to write for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Now off for a late night stroll around the park (and finding something to eat for dinner!). Have a great rest of your night and see you back here soon! :)

P.s. – Feel free to drop me a line below – I love hearing from you!


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