Tip Tuesday: How to Store Fresh Herbs

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On Sunday we stopped at the Farmer’s Market. I just love that place! We went around 12:30, and it was packed! Lots of fresh produce, local meats, eggs, cheese, and honey. All my favorite stuff. :)

We didn’t end up buying any herbs, but we will be re-starting our herb garden once we move in a few weeks.

Herbs are maybe the most delicious way to spice up a meal, and also the most frustrating.

We love using herbs in salads, pastas, and meat dishes. They can go in quinoa or rice dishes, soups, and casseroles. An easy and healthy way to add flavor to any dish!

The frustrating part is forking over sometimes up to $4 (or more!) for a tiny little container (especially if they are organic), and then having them wilt after a few days.

So, how do you prevent this from happening? Read on!

How to Store Fresh Herbs

1) First, determine what type of herb it is. Basil prefers room-temperature, whereas all other herbs do well in a cooler environment.

2) Second, snip the ends from your herbs.

3) Fill a glass with a few inches of water, and stick herbs in. If storing in the refrigerator, place plastic bag over.

Ta-daa! You’ve got fresh herbs for a week or two. :)

You can also wrap herbs in a damp paper towel and store in a plastic bag (or use a clean kitchen towel and reusable container if looking to cut your waste!).

Super easy, and so worth it to extend the life of those little babies!

How to Store Fresh Herbs I www.eatcleanwithkate.com

Thyme. Now with extended time. :)

Alright, folks. That’s all I’ve got for you on this Tips Tuesday! Hope you have a great rest of your day!

See you here tomorrow for WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday!). :)

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What are your favorite ways to use herbs?


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