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Oh hey there. Happy Labor Day! And last day of summer for us teachers and students out there…

I can’t help but sing “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m no fool!” on this last day of summer. Seriously, I love that movie. Thanks Billy Madison for the most annoying/catchy jingle that I can’t seem to get out of my head today :)

So, if you’ve been following recently you’ll know that I am the new head soccer coach at my alma mater. Lots of work (not more than I expected however), and a crazy past couple of weeks with two-a-days, scrimmages, parent night, games…did I mention I haven’t made dinner in weeks? Ahhh! Seriously, not. cool.

However, one thing that has saved me (besides Panera, Chipotle, and the little cafe by my work) has been Tasty Bite foods. Never having tried (or heard about for that matter!) Tasty Bite, I was given a few samples to try. Now, let me get this clear, I would in no way (shape, or form!) endorse a product on here that I don’t actually like. C’mon people, you know me better than that, don’t  you?? :)

I was a little skeptical at first (you know me and processed foods), however, I ended up really enjoying the products! Especially the rice and lentils. Not only are they all-natural, but most items are gluten-free and vegan! The only complaints I would have is that a few items had a bit much sodium for my liking, and I wish they would be a bit more specific with their ingredient listings (ex: Wheat Noodles – what’s in them?! Same goes for “Natural flavoring”, never quite understood that one). However, for a quick convenience food choice (it’s not like I eat like this all the time!) it’s a choice I can feel good about.

Here’s the low-down:

Madras Lentils – By far my favorite of the bunch. Delicious on the Ginger Lentil Rice!


Ginger Lentil Rice – Speaking of, the rice I was talking about! Nice flavor, and surprisingly, cooked to a nice consistency in the microwave :)


Thai Lime Rice – The bf taste tested this one and approved. Now that’s saying a lot, as he tends to have high standards when it comes to food :)


Kung Pao Noodles –  I don’t think I’m much of a Kung Pao fan, so it’s no surprise this wasn’t my favorite. It was also a bit salty for me!


Pad Thai Noodles – I’m a HUGE Pad Thai fan, but this had a different taste than the pad thai I’m used to making. Enjoyed it much more than the Kung Pao noodles, but not as much as the lentils and rice. Not bad for a quick noodle bowl however.


Channa Masala – Have yet to try this one yet. However, will report back once I do!  tyb-000266

Overall, not bad for an all-natural quick food choice (especially the rice and lentils – mmm!). You can bet I was eating them up in between all of that soccer jazz! Here’s their website if you want to check it out for yourself:

And want to know something cool?! Tasty Bite is going to give away a sample pack to one you lucky readers as well! :)

How to Enter the Tasty Bite Giveaway:

All you need to do is comment on this post answering the following question(s) to be entered to win: What’s your favorite all-natural “convenient” food? Or, what’s your favorite quick meal to make?

The winner will be chosen by random using and announced on this post next Sunday! Be sure to check back to see if you won :)

Good luck!


  1. popcorn b/c it is healthy and fast with an air popper

    • Agreed Bethany! I love popcorn. Especially with a little coconut oil and some high quality sea salt (ok, that’s maybe more of a treat than a snack!). Thanks for entering!

  2. Mary Pettiford says:

    My favorite all natural convenient food is Larabar!

  3. I love dehydrated banana chips sprinkled with cinnamon or zucchini chips with parmesan. Not really “quick”, but very easy!

    • Nikki! So great to hear from you! I love your blog :) Is there a way to dehydrate without an actual “dehydrator”? I don’t have enough room in my apartment for more gadgets! :) And yes, I love baking zucchini (or grilling) with a little parmesan – so good! Thanks for entering! Keep up the good work with the running too!

      • Hi Katie :) I have heard that you can dehydrate in an oven, but you have to leave the oven door ajar…so I’m not sure if you’d want to try that. The dehydrator does take up a bit of room, but it’s worth it! Hope your doing well, old friend :) Love your blog!

  4. Nicholsonk says:

    Congrats Bethany! You are the lucky winner of a Tasty Bite Sample Pack :) I will be in contact via email soon to receive your mailing address. Thanks to everyone for submitting their comments and registering, and for the loyal readership :) Keep posted for more giveaways in the future!

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