Product Review: Source Naturals Wellness Formula Vitamins

Annnnnnd I’m back! Back from Europe that is. The bf and I had such a great time! Seeing the sights, visiting with family, and eating all sorts of delicious things. And most importantly….we got engaged! How neat is that?! :)


Long story short: We planned a day to go sight-seeing in Dublin. I got food poisoning late Saturday night. Laid in bed all day Sunday. Eventually forced myself to get up, shower, and get ready. Went to a nice little dinner together. Didn’t eat much as was still feeling ill. Took a hike down to the Liffy (the river). Walked over a cute little bridge. Stopped to look out over the city. Got engaged!

That’s basically how it went. One of the best (got engaged!) and worst (had food poisoning!) days of my life. We are very excited to start this next chapter in our lives! :)

In other news…

Since I had food poisoning my body has been out.of.wack. Especially the intense acid reflux. I know it takes a few days to overcome things like that, but obviously, I have no patience. Not to mention, on Tuesday I started to get a sore throat and what felt like a cold coming on. NOOOOOO! I already had a cold before we left for Europe, and it was wayyyy too soon to be getting sick again.

So I started popping my go to vitamins: Source Naturals Wellness Formula.


These things are seriously the best ever. Ever ever. Forever ever (But seriously, I don’t know how I use to live without them!). Even when I was sick a month ago I was out of vitamins and my sickness dragged on. I finally brought myself to splurge on these puppies again, and bam! I was feeling better almost instantly.

Same goes for the other day. Felt an illness coming on. Loaded up on these. Feel much better! No more sickness for me :)

They are a bit pricey, but seriously worth it. You can get them at your local health food store, or even online. To order them at a discount, check out this link:

So now that I’m better (and it’s Friday!) it’s time to enjoy the weekend. One of my besties is in town, allll the way from Australia! Beyond excited to spend time with her and her hubby, celebrate the engagement (now that my food poisoning is done with!), attend our friend’s annual Ugly Sweater Party, and enjoy this beautiful (and oh-so-cold!) scenery:

winter2 Shot from inside the comforts of my warm classroom :)

According to

Right now it is 2°F and FEELS LIKE -14°. Sunny. Very cold.

That’s as close to a Minnesotan Weather(wo)man as I get.


Have a great weekend ya’ll!


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