Smart Swap: Shopping Online

I told you it wouldn’t be long till my next post! :)

As it is the last day of my spring break, I’ve got the day to relax (aka read and blog) and get a few things done (the clean-laundry-grocery-shop-after-vacation stuff!). Currently I’m siting on the couch watching Anthony Bourdain/Reservations. In this episode he is cruising around Hawaii (and I’m pretending I’m back somewhere warm near the ocean!).

Anyway, today I’d like to tell you about my new favorite thing: online shopping! For food that is. I’ve never been a big fan of shopping online for clothes or shoes as I’m insanely picky and if I don’t love it or it doesn’t fit I get super annoyed. Not to mention I’m lazy when it comes to shipping things back. Food, on the other hand, is much easier. I already know what I like, so it’s easy to buy online for cheaper than I could get in the store (especially when we do the majority of our shopping at Whole Foods!).

One site I was introduced to awhile back is Vitacost ( Their motto is “Take the cost out of healthy living. Since 1994″. It’s true that healthy living can be expensive. Especially if you are buying high quality organic produce, meats, and cheeses. It’s also sad that it is cheaper to buy crap food that keeps our body in a perpetual state of disease than it is to buy food that nourishes and keeps our bodies healthy. However, I believe as a nation we are becoming more conscious of what we put into our bodies, and are moving towards a more localized seasonal way of eating (at least that’s the hope!). We are also more aware of GMOs and conventional farming, and the negative effects they can have on our bodies, and the land that we live on.

Until then though, I will continue to find ways to eat and live clean without breaking the bank!

OK so back to Vitacost. On their website you can buy anything from vitamins and supplements, to food and drink, to beauty and personal care items. Plus lots more! They offer free shipping over $49, which is a nice perk. In addition, they routinely offer promotions such as BOGO, sales, and coupons for a certain percentage or dollar amount off your entire purchase. Score! The other day I bought some organic popcorn, KIND bars, Beanfields chips, organic beef jerky, almond butter, and rice noodles. Now all I have to do is wait a few days for it to arrive! 

The other website I love to use for online shopping is Amazon ( I always use Amazon to buy used books, as well as other household or entertainment items. Recently I’ve discovered it’s also a great way to purchase healthy food options!

There are definitely perks to both of these sites. Vitacost ships free after $49, while Amazon’s shipping fees depend on who you buy from. Vitacost has a smaller selection, however, everything on the site is relatively pretty healthy. Amazon has a larger selection, however, you might have to wade through some not-so-healthy choices to find what you’re looking for.

I compared the KIND bars I reviewed yesterday on both Vitacoast and Amazon. For 12 of the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bars it cost $17.49 on Vitacost and $16.79 on Amazon (with free shipping after you spend $35 on products). For Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn (28 oz.), the cost was $3.49 on Vitacost and $8.19 on Amazon. So you can see there are definite price differences between the two depending on what you’re buying. If you know what you’re looking for, I suggest searching both sites to compare prices and shipping costs and go with what works for you!

Next things on my list, coconut and almond flour. I’m determined to try this recipe.

Alright folks, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! :)


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