Real Recipe: Broccoli Feta Omelet

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Especially on the weekends when I have the time to make something good (and am not chowing my cereal in the car on the way to work!). This weekend I made not one but two broccoli feta omelets. And they were both oh so delicious.

Next time you’re in the mood for an omelet, try swapping your regular ham and cheese one for this cleaner, healthier version!

Ham and other deli meats often contain nitrates (one of the top Food Additives to Watch Out For!) and if you don’t use local or certified organic ham, you probably have no idea where the meat came from or how it was processed! Check out the following article for more information about the dangers of deli meats:

And instead of using processed cheese (think Kraft Singles!) in your omelet, try using organic or real (unprocessed) cheese. Although the health risks of processed cheese are debatable, processed cheese can contain artificial preservatives and colors, and oftentimes have more salt (and even trans fat!) than real cheese. Organic and unprocessed cheese are much tastier in my opinion too! Some people have sensitivities to processed cheese (myself included), and might have even come to accept the fact that they will feel congested or have an upset stomach after eating foods such as mac ‘n cheese, grilled cheese, or other dishes made with processed cheese. Making the switch from processed to real (and better yet, organic!) dairy products could make a world of difference (it sure did for me!). To read more about cheese allergies and sensitivities check out:

Olive oil (organic if possible) – Approx. 2 tbsp, or enough to lightly coat bottom of pan
Broccoli (organic) – Approx. 1 cup  (cut into bite-sized pieces – less or more depending on preference)
Eggs (organic or free range if organic not available) – 2
Feta cheese crumbles (organic if possible) – 1/4 cup (less or more depending on how cheesy you like it!)
Milk (organic if possible) – 2 tbsp
1/4 teaspoon pepper


1) Heat stove top to medium, pour oil into small pan and let heat for 1 minute
2) Beat eggs and splash of milk together in small bowl, add in pepper
3) Pour eggs into pan, add in broccoli pieces, sprinkle cheese on top
4) Cook approximately 3-4 minutes or until omelet is firm enough to be folded
5) Fold half of omelet over and let cook (approx. 1 more minute)
6) Flip to cook other side (approx. 1 more minute)
7) Viola! Time to enjoy your clean, healthy omelet :)


Photo courtesy of -> Jim Bathie



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