Product Review: Udi’s Gluten-free Original Granola

Although cereal was once my all-time favorite breakfast food, yogurt with granola (and fresh berries if I’ve got them!) has been climbing the ranks, and quickly! Especially since I’ve found Udi’s Gluten-free Original Granola. Now let’s be real, most granola (being it is made with oats) is gluten-free. However, Udi’s is an all-natrual gluten-free brand that makes everything from pizza crusts to bread to you guessed it, granola. And man is theirs  delicious! Unlike ordinary granola that can be quite boring, Udi’s Original includes raisins, banana chips, walnuts, cashews, almonds, and even pistachios! Seriously, yum. Udi’s Granola also comes in Vanilla, Cranberry, and Au Naturel (think regular granola). Check it out if you’re ready to ramp-up your granola experience!

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And if you prefer gluten-free, take a look at my Barbecue Chicken Pizza recipe. Made on one of Udi’s gluten-free pizza crusts!

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