Product Review – Function: Alternative Energy Drinks

Being outside in the sun all day can really wear a person out. Add in a few adult beverages, being on your feet, and not drinking enough water and you are guaranteed to have a case of exhaustion on your hands!

This weekend Grand Old Day was celebrated in St. Paul, MN. A great time was had by (almost!) all. But afterwards, hydration and energy were surely needed. That’s where Function: Alternative Energy came in.

In a previous post I did a write-up on Function: Urban Detox, a drink essentially made for hangovers. Function: Alternative Energy drinks are made to provide energy without crashing (like a lot of energy drinks can do!). Natural stimulants Muira Pauma, Guarana, Yerba Mate, and Catuaba are supposed to kick in at different times, giving you sustained energy. Think of Function: Alternative Energy as an all-natural Gatorade (which contains multiple artificial additives as mentioned in the Function: Urban Detox post – yuck!).

I never grew up drinking a lot of Gatorade, but I bought a couple Function: Alternative Energy drinks on sale at the co-op and had the boyfriend try one out on Sunday. As a former Gatorade drinker, he enjoyed the all-natural alternative. I had a couple sips and was also pleasantly pleased!

Function: Alternative Energy drinks come in the following flavors: Tropical Citrus, Strawberry Guava, and Acai Grape. Try one out the next time you’re in need of a boost!


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