Meet Kate!

Hello! And welcome to Eat Clean with Kate! :)


That’s me, getting excited to jump on the wakeboard! 

About Kate

Former high-school teacher, current financial advisor. Part-time yoga instructor. Lover of all things dark chocolate, red wine, travel and puppies. Especially of the miniature dachshund kind. My dear friend Kalyn started calling me Kate when we studied abroad in Australia. Did I mention I like to travel? :) I also really enjoy cooking and eating delicious local, organic and whole foods.


Why Eat Clean?

As a former eating disorder sufferer, eating whole, all-natural foods was my salvation. I learned to listen to my body, eat real food that nourishes me, and eventually, overcome. This blog is a place for me to share my successes (and struggles!) and help you to eat your way through your best life.

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Happy Clean Eating!