Guest Post: Delicious Detox: 4 Great-tasting Recipes

Hello all! Happy (almost!) Friday :)

Now that coaching is over, I have a lot more time to go to happy hours, dinners, and attend social gatherings. Usually I try to order something relatively healthy while out, or bring something healthy to share at an event. However, that doesn’t always happen, nor is it always possible to eat clean all the time!

This weekend I’m headed out of town for a friend’s bachelorette party, and am certain I won’t be eating/drinking clean all weekend. Oh-well! Such is life :) I’m soooo looking forward to a great time with some of my closest friends. You can bet I’ll be ready to get back on track on Monday though!

Today our guest blogger, Virginia Cunningham (see bio below), has got some great ideas and recipes that will help you get your eating back on track after a stint of not-so-clean-eating.

Also, stay tuned for my next blog post on juicing. Another great way to detox!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Delicious Detox: 4 Great-Tasting Recipes

With football season in full swing, as well as the NBA and NHL seasons under way, there seem to be countless opportunities to eat a lot of food that’s really bad for you.

Wings and jalapeno poppers with ranch are hard to say no to, but after it’s all said and done, there aren’t too many us who feel particularly good about what we’re doing to our bodies.

Eating food like that is almost exclusively for the taste and the experience, having little or nothing to do with actual survival or benefiting our bodies. That’s why it’s often a good idea to follow those kinds of “bad weekends” with a detox.

Now, when you hear “detox,” you might start thinking about self-deprivation or just drinking lemon juice for five days; however, this isn’t really the case

It would be hard to argue that doing that is any better for you than binging on fried food. Instead, a detox involves just eating well by sticking to lean meats, complex carbs, fruits and veggies, and doing so while avoiding processed food or too much sugar and dairy.

You don’t really even have to go hungry.

Eating this way for a few days will help your body burn excess fat and get its own metabolism back on track. At the end of it, you’ll feel better, be more energized, and will probably want to continue eating in that manner.

If you’re getting ready to start a detox, here are a few recipes to get you started that pack a ton of great flavor:

1. Chipotle Lime Glazed Shrimp: The recipe is simple and there’s plenty of flavor to go around. Shrimp is actually a great choice for a detox since it’s easy to cook and is packed with protein, vitamin B12 and highly concentrated antioxidants.

2. Very Green Broccoli Soup: As a good alternative to a broccoli and cheese cream-based soup, try this one that’s instead made with low-sodium chicken broth, lemon zest and thyme.

Most of the soup is going to consist of a significant amount of broccoli, which is one of the main household superfoods.

The recipe is a bit on the lengthy side and you’ll need a blender to properly make the soup. Consider getting an immersion blender for this type of soup, since it makes the mixing process much quicker and easier.

3. Veggie Spring Rolls: There’s a healthy way to make spring rolls and a not-so-healthy way. For those on a detox, this is the healthier option, yet it still packs amazing flavor. You can even add some low-sodium soy sauce to kick it up a notch.

If you want, you can include grilled seafood or pork, but usually a spring roll serves as an appetizer instead of a main course, so this recipe keeps it simple, and leaves the rest up to your own discretion.

4. Lemon-Rice Parsley Salad: Throwing parsley and lemon together offers great flavor. Add that to the moisture of the rice and the olive or coconut oil, and you’ve got yourself a great side dish.

Some people find the flavor of parsley a bit overwhelming, so if you’re in that camp, go with ½ or ⅔ of a cup instead of the full one cup that the recipe calls for.

Getting Back on Track

Detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up a fulfilling meal. In fact, most people who can sustain this kind of eating for several weeks find that they no longer crave the kinds of food they used to eat.

What makes this so much better than a diet is that you also don’t have to worry about limiting your calories. All this food is good for your body, and it’s a great way to get your body back on track and keep it there.


Virginia Cunningham is a freelance health writer for NorthWest and health enthusiast living in the Los Angeles area. As a busy mom of three, it can be difficult to always eat the “right” foods, but these delicious recipes make it incredibly simple, and they satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

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