Friday Favorites (belated edition!)

It’s Saturday morning and we are in Washington DC. This is going to be a short post as we are just hanging out at my friend’s before we head out to sight see later. Not to mention I am composing this on my phone so who knows what the format will look like. :)

I missed Friday Favorites this week, but started composing this yesterday. So I think I’ll just keep to that Friday Favorites theme but with a DC twist!

Favorites of this week so far:

1) Summer cocktails. Like this cucumber gin and tonic. On a patio. With my mom and her friends at lunch. Yep, enough said.


2) Traveling. There is no other thing that brings me as much peace with myself and the world. This weekend we are in DC seeing the sights and visiting friends.


3) Fresh guacamole. I love avocados. Which means I love guacamole. Although this one was pretty good, I’m still convinced that the fiance makes the best. We just don’t have one of these fancy mortar and pestle things!


4) Healthy plane snacks. I didn’t think these two things existed together. But check out the contents of this snack box I bought on the plane! All natural and whole food goodness. I even got yummy hummus and brushetta too!


5) Grilled Cheese Bars. Didn’t know these existed until this trip either. Gourmet grilled cheeses like the French Onion with caramelized onion and gruyere cheese. Yum!


Ok folks, that’s all I’ve got for today. Will be posting more DC fun in a few days here!

Until then, have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Gourmet grilled cheese bar?! I’ve died and gone to heaven! Have an amazing trip Kate- miss you xx

    • Nicholsonk says:

      Ahhhh yes it was so good! Miss you too K! The next trip we’re hoping we take will be to visit you two :)

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