Friday Favorites #3

Hey ya’ll. It’s Friday, would you look at that. (Not that you can, because it’s a day.) :)

Am feeling a little loopy today. Wednesday proved to be the first non I-am-going-to-pull-my-hair-out-because-I’m-feeling-crazy kind of day. So that’s good.

Wednesday night the fiancé and I (I just typed bf, but then had to erase it – I kind of miss calling him my bf in posts!) went for a beyond lovely dinner at the restaurant where his brother works. It’s called Jax Cafe and is in NE Minneapolis. It was a wine tasting dinner, in conjunction with Jax Vineyards of Napa Valley. We got to sit at the same table as the owner of the vineyards – hello cool job! Anyway, 5 glasses of great wine and 5 courses of delicious food later, it was a perfect night. This is what we were dealing with:

Friday Favorites 3 I

SO delicious!

Yesterday when I woke up, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. And sure enough, now I’ve got one. Who gets a cold on the first week of summer break?! I guess the girl who got zero sleep this weekend and has been running around with her head chopped off for the past week. That’s who.

Anyway, I’ll keep popping my favorite immunity vitamins and hopefully by tomorrow it will be on it’s way out! Or it better. We’ve got a wedding out of town. And colds and weddings do not go well together.

So, today is Friday Favorites. And I’m also baking up a batch of my favorite Kale Chips. Yum! Recipe will follow here shortly.

But first, on to my favorites of the week. Here goes!

Friday Favorites #3

1. Punch Pizza.

It’s this ridiculously good pizza restaurant in the twin cities area. They now have eight locations, and one happens to be a mile down the street. Come to think of it, the last place I lived there was one a mile away as well. Apparently I like to live close to one! Their pizza style is neapolitan, which originates from Naples, Italy. All you need to know is they cook their pizza for 90 seconds in an 800 degree wood-burning brick oven, and it is amazing!

They also make killer salads. My friend and I visited last night, and split this salad with meats, cheeses, garbanzo beans, shredded carrots, and tomatoes.

Friday Favorites 3 I

I just couldn’t wait to take a bite of their delicious focaccia with rosemary bread. 

And then I got my own pizza, obviously. I created my own and added spiced salami, kalamata olives, basil, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers. So good!

Friday Favorites 3 I

 Yes, I ate this entire thing. No judging!

2. Bright kitchens.

Like this one. This picture is from a house I went and looked at today. I absolutely loved the place! It was adorable all the way around, and had new or updated everything. Literally perfect.

So we called the realtor to see if any offers had been made (it has only been on the market 4 days) and boom! Sure enough, there had been. And the seller accepted. Talk about getting my hopes up, and then dashed two seconds later!

I’m posting this picture because it’s what I’d like in a kitchen (which is maybe kinda creepy because it will be someone else’s kitchen soon – but whatever). Open, bright, with newer appliances. And a cute little island with counter space and an area to pull up bar stools and eat. I’m bummed just thinking about this gem that got away!

We will keep looking (and dreaming!).

Friday Favorites 3 I

 The one that got away.

3. Deep River Kettle Chips.

When I first started caring more about what was in my food, I couldn’t believe the ingredients in flavored potato chips. Yuck! Artificial this and that. This company makes some of my favorite all-natural flavored kettle chips. They also have rosemary and olive oil and a bunch of other unique flavors. If you can get your hands on some, I highly recommend!

Friday Favorites 3 I

 Come to mama.

4. World Cup Soccer.

Enough said. I grew up watching the other football (aka futbol), and have loved the sport for as long as I can remember. Although our country doesn’t get into the World Cup quite as much as some other nations, I still love it. Love playing it, love coaching it. Love love love it. :)

5. Baked Kale Chips.

As we all know, I love salty snacks. It’s not often I crave sweet (unless I’ve given up sugar for 10 days!). Usually it’s salty. Usually in the form of kettle chips (see above). This is a salty snack I can feel good about! Kale chips are easy to make, and you can customize the flavors. I will be posting the recipe for these here soon.

Friday Favorites 3 I

 All ready for the oven! 

Alright folks, that’s all I’ve got for Friday. I promise I’ll start posting some more recipes here soon. Until then – drop me a line below, I love hearing from you!

And have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Hey Kate,
    Found you via the Friday Five linkup … sorry you didn’t get the house you loved. We moved to a new home two years ago, and I swear we looked for almost a year before we found “the one.” It was worth the wait … hang in there! Stop by my blog & say hello!

    • Nicholsonk says:

      Karen, thanks for stopping by! I know, we just need to be patient and I’m sure what’s meant to be will be. :) I will certainly swing by here soon!

  2. I like the idea of kale chips but mine did not come out great. I need to work on that. Happy #FridayFive

    • Nicholsonk says:

      Yes, they definitely can be a tricky one! There are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way: 1) the kale has to be completely dry before you oil them, otherwise they won’t crisp up well (paper towels work well) 2) make sure the kale is spread out in a thin even layer so none of it is overlapping 3) don’t over oil, just enough to lightly coat is good and 4) some people like to salt after they are finished cooking as they can get overly salty quickly. Hope this helps and the next time they turn out better Deborah!

  3. LOVE kale chips! So yummy and nearly as good as chips as long as you have plenty of salt and get them good and crunchy!

    • Nicholsonk says:

      Agreed! I have made the mistake of salting them too much before though, which is also no good! It’s a perfect balance between the two. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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