Eating Adventures Abroad: Lanzarote, Spain

For those of you who don’t know me, my dad lives in Ireland (which is a very long story!). However, during the winter months he escapes the rain and wind and cold, and vacations in the Canary Islands. The island of Lanzarote to be specific. Besides getting to see my dad, it’s hard to resist the nice warm sunny weather during the cold snowy winter we have here in Minnesota. So over school break, I flew out to spend Christmas with mi padre. Beautiful sights, delicious food, warm sunny weather…yep it’s hard to beat! Here’s a little taste:

First stop, the Minneapolis airport. Yep, didn’t make it too far without something to eat :) Surdyk’s liquor has an express store in which you can buy some yummy freshly baked treats. This ham and cheese Brioche was just the thing to get this party, err trip, started. So flaky and delicious. Mmm.

20121224_120233 Three hour layover in Chicago. Time for lunch! Rick Bayless has his lovely Frontera Grill in the Chicago airport. For starters I had a beautiful corn and poblano chowder, with just the right amount of spice.

20121224_144238 And then the beer-braised beef short ribs torta. The awesome thing about this place, is they are big on all-natural, organic, locally grown/raised food. So tasty and clean. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Due to the size of the torta, I had to wrap up half for the plane ride later. (And even brought the bf one on the way home!).

After an 8 hour flight to Spain, 5 hour layover in Madrid, and 2.5 hour flight to Lanzarote, I finally made it! That night for Christmas we celebrated with a nice little BBQ. Complete with chicken and steak, and an assortment of salads. Not your typical Midwest Christmas, but I’m not complaining about being able to eat outside to celebrate the holiday!

The next morning we had what is a typically popular breakfast in that area. Fried egg (over easy), the most delicious bacon I’ve ever had, a tomato slice, and a slice of toast with butter and orange marmalade. Oh and fruit. But that’s pretty typical everywhere :) Seriously, that bacon. I would go back just for that.

That night we went to eat at a nice Italian place to celebrate Boxing Day. Had by far the most amazing seafood pasta I have ever tasted. Actually, the most amazing pasta ever. And I have eaten my fair share of pasta in my day. Complete with mussels, clams, calamari (The softest, most tender calamari I’ve ever tried. I didn’t think I really liked calamari, but I think it was just that I have never had really good calamari until now!), and shrimp. In some type of light tomato sauce that was seriously to die for.

20121226_214055 Within the next couple of days I had eaten my way through some lovely seafood dishes, and some typical European ones as well. It’s a good thing we were doing lots of walking!

One night we took a drive to little seaside village. There were a few restaurants in the town, but one right on the ocean. I mean right on the ocean. This was the view from our table:


I ordered the Seafood Soup to start. More clams, shrimp, and calamari. Mmm mmm!

20121228_195605 We also visited the Timanfaya National park, where we got to see some crazy beautiful volcanoes.


I wasn’t kidding people. There was even a restaurant there which had built grills into the side of the volcano in order to cook with! Now you don’t see that very often.

That same day we went to the one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to. I mean, look at that view! And that little white building? That’s a restaurant. Didn’t actually eat there, but still, how cool!

And on the very last day, my dad and I made a trip up into the mountains to check out this authentic, cute-as-could-be, Spanish bakery. Literally, it was like heaven in there! So many beautiful little danishes, donuts, pastries, biscuits, and perfectly formed loaves of bread. We had a sampling, of course :)


That was pretty much the gist of the trip. Oh and I got to see a camel. Look, we’re friends! :)

Did I mention the beautiful beaches?

That’s all for now.

Happy Clean Eating!


  1. Aww Kate this looks amazing! I didn’t know your trip included Spain! So glad you had such a good time. Can’t wait for m photos xxx

  2. Nicholsonk says:

    Thanks darling! Miss you and hope you are doing well! :)


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  2. […] Ahhh, so cute! Brings me back to last winter, when I was in Lanzorate visiting my dad. And making friends with camels: […]

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