Day 8 Fed Up Challenge

Day 8 Fed Up Challenge I

“It’s just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday, cause that’s my fun day, my I don’t have to run day….”. That was my theme song for yesterday, Day 8 Fed Up Challenge. Except it was the opposite of manic. It was rainy and cold and just down right slow going. But I was still wishing it was Sunday. Especially with how beautiful it was out!

The fiance and I looked at another wedding venue yesterday, which was exciting. We are getting closer to making decisions about the big day – finally!

We also grabbed dinner out, instead of cooking like we said we were going to. Tsk tsk. (Can you picture my shaking my finger in disappointment? Well I am.). Although I didn’t feel that bad about it. Our wedding venue tour didn’t get done until 6, and we still needed to go to the grocery store. So we said screw it and went to Moto-I for some delicious Asian food. I was craving ramen, and ramen was what I got.

But let’s back up. What did I eat the beginning of the day?

Day 8 Fed Up Challenge

Breakfast: Same smoothie as Sunday. A take on the Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie, but without whole banana. And with Trader Joe’s mixed fruit instead.

Lunch: Organic beef summer sausage, organic cheddar cheese, and Back to Nature Multi-seed Gluten Free Rice Thins.

I also had some Tostitos corn chips and salsa left over from our staff potluck last week.

Snack: Handful of mixed nuts while driving by potential houses. Oh, and an orange.

Being I had enough time before our wedding venue tour, I stopped at a coffee shop by the fiance’s work in NE Minneapolis. He’s been raving about the place: Spyhouse Coffee. I had a cup of this delicious herbal tea. Flavors of cinnamon, clove, orange. I don’t know exactly what is was called, but it was divine. I would definitely go back for some more! Not to mention the interior is really cool. Lot’s of wood, open spaces, plenty of seating.

Day 8 Fed Up Challenge I How cute is this cup?!

Dinner: Like I mentioned before, the fiance and I made the decision to go grab something to eat, rather than eat at home. We went to Moto-I and I ordered their signature ramen dish, called Abura Ramen. It is broth-less, containing only noodles, poached egg, pickled onions, bonito flakes, and green onion.

I unfortunately was so hungry it didn’t even cross my mind to take a picture. Upon Google searching Moto-I at work today however, I found a) a picture of the dish and b) a really cool blog! The blog is called Everywhere Once and it’s about this couple who quit their corporate jobs and now travel around the U.S. (and world!). It’s a pretty cool story, and you can check it out yourself here:

This was the picture they captured of Moto I’s Abura Ramen:

Day 8 Fed Up Challenge I

 Much healthier than the packaged kind!

I also had a few bites of the fiance’s fried rice. And we split an order of edamame.

Biggest Challenge?

Just wanting something sweet, so bad. The orange and herbal tea helped.

Tip of the Day:

Don’t be afraid to ask servers what ingredients are in their foods. If they don’t know, they can ask a chef or manager. Besides, it’s their job!

So that was that. As I wrap this up, it is almost 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees. Time to get outside! :)

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