Day 6 Fed Up Challenge

Yesterday was Day 6 Fed Up Challenge, and also the first weekend day of the challenge. I think that actually made it easier being I wasn’t at work, and thus could eat more than what I just brought with me!

Day 6 Fed Up Challenge I

I’m was still craving sweets like crazy (when I don’t normally even like sweets!) and have held steady as best as I can.

What did I eat yesterday? Lots of good things! Read on: 

Breakfast: I slept in yesterday, which felt amazing. That is my most favorite part about the weekends. Likely because I have to be up extra early for teaching, and because I just love lounging in bed! Not having to jump out of bed and rush around to get ready. It’s even more amazing when the fiancé also gets to lounge in bed with me. Birds chirping outside the window, sun streaming in through the blinds. Pure heaven.

Usually we have bigger breakfasts on the weekends, but I was off to watch some soccer games and the fiancé off to golf. So I ate a handful of mixed nuts on the way to the games, and a big juicy delicious orange once I got there. It felt amazing to sit out in the sun, peeling and enjoying an orange.

Lunch: I lied yesterday when I said that was my last chicken salad for awhile. I forgot I had made an extra large one on Friday, and took the rest home. So I ate the leftovers of that once I got home from the soccer games. It wasn’t super great, as it already had dressing on it from Friday and thus was a bit soggy. I added some extra avocado to it though and polished it off! I also had a handful of salt and vinegar kettle chips. Definitely a weakness for me! I haven’t polished off the bag yet (it’s a pretty big bag!) but it will probably be gone by the end of next week. A handful here, a handful there…

Dinner: After lunch I blogged for Day 5 Fed Up Challenge, and then decided to take a nap. It’s not like I overexerted myself or anything, but I was drowsy from not sleeping that well (I never do on the weekends being I stay up later and still manage to get up around the same time as during the work week!). It felt amazing. After my nap I got up and went for a walk down by the lake. It turned out to be a gorgeous night! At the soccer games I was a bit chilly as it was windy, but the wind died down last night and the temperatures rose and it was perfect.

After I got back from the walk, the fiancé was home from golf and had turned on the Twins game. Being it was so nice out, and we didn’t have a whole lot of plans (except to eat dinner!) we decided to spontaneoulsy head to the Twins game! It had only just begun, and being we live so close to downtown, we made it there before the end of the first inning.

Once at the game, we shared a popcorn. It was basically one of the only things I could eat that I figured didn’t have sugar in it! Although I love popcorn, and salty popcorn at that, sometimes the yellow artificialness (is that a word?) gets to me. But again, I was pretty darn hungry and didn’t have a lot of options! It was a tempting place to be with the mini donuts, ice cream, etc. etc. I just wanted it all!

It was a good game to go to. The weather was perfect, and we won 4-3! Not a bad way to spend Saturday night.

Day 6 Fed Up Challenge I


Take me out to the ballgame.

After the game we walked down to JD Hoyt’s Supper Club. I had never been before, but the fiancé has and one of best friends raves about the place.

I had a cup of clam chowder with corn to start. We then split the pork chops. You can get one 13 oz. pork chop for $21, or two for $25. Well that’s a no brainer! It was also a good choice because it didn’t have barbecue sauce on it as a lot of the other dishes did. Now don’t get me wrong, I looove barbecue sauce, but barbecue sauce equals sugar, so that was a no go!

The pork chops came with vegetables, an assortment of green and yellow zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and red onion. We ordered a side of hash browns and a side of the gratin potatoes. They were amazing. And the cheese sauce on them went really well with the vegetables!

I also had a glass of red wine. Although alcohol is essentially sugar, as far as I’m concerned there isn’t any sugar added to red wine. (Or least there better not be!)

So that was that. Overall, a successful day.

Biggest Challenge?

Being in a public venue where the smell of mini donuts fills the air and people all around me are consuming loads of sugary goodness. Ahhh! 

Tip of the Day

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a slip up. Every meal is a another chance to make a good choice! Forget about what you ate prior, and stay focused in the present moment.

Alright folks, happy Sunday! We’re off to golf here soon. It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees today and I could not be more excited!  :)



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