Day 5 Fed Up Challenge

Day 5 Fed Up Challenge down – officially half way!

Day 5 Fed Up Challenge I

Yesterday I put on a blood drive at my school, and boy was it a busy day! I got to work extra early, and was running around all day between the blood drive and my classroom. Yesterday was also the first day I was able to give blood, EVER! Every time I try to give my iron is too low. Even in college I had to take iron supplements or they weren’t going to let me play soccer. So imagine my surprise when I tried to give yesterday and my iron was high enough to donate! I think it was extra special for me as my dad received several blood transfusions at the end of his life this past winter. Maybe he was sending his high iron vibes my way. :) Regardless, it was a pretty cool experience for me.

Last night we also went out to eat, which was interesting. Luckily, we went to a sushi place so it was a bit easier to not order something overly sugar-laden. It was great to catch up with my college friends and their hubbies! We always get a few great laughs in.

OK, so what did I eat yesterday? Well, here goes!

Breakfast (6:30 a.m.): The same ‘ol smoothie I’ve been having all week. However, I was only able to eat about half of it as I KNOCKED THE OTHER HALF ON THE FLOOR! Seriously. What’s even more embarrassing? That was the second time that happened this week. The first time it was only a little bit, but this time, it was A LOT. The worst part? It was on the carpet. Talk about a clean up nightmare. Now you’re probably wondering, how do you possibly spill a smoothie on the carpet?! Here’s how: Set smoothie down while put on shoes and grabbing purse. Then either a) kick over smoothie b) something (i.e. purse, water bottle, etc.) falls over onto smoothie. That’s how.

Snack (9:00 a.m.): Handful of tortilla chips from the staff lounge, while running back and forth between the blood drive!

Lunch (11:30 a.m.): Same ‘ol salad. With chicken, avocado, shredded carrots, and cucumber. You know the deal. That was the rest of the rotisserie chicken, and boy am I ready for a change!

Snack (12:30 p.m.): Post giving blood I was feeling a little weak. I snacked on some trail mix they provided, but made sure to read the labels so it didn’t contain any sugar (it didn’t!). I also had a mini can of 100% orange juice. Just what I needed after depleting my body!

Snack (3:30 p.m.): Organic beef summer sausage, cheddar cheese, and Back to Nature Multi-Seed Rice Thin Crackers. I like these crackers because they a) are gluten-free b) don’t contain any sugar (or other additives for that matter!) and c) don’t taste like cardboard. Always a plus. :)

Day 5 Fed Up Challenge I

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Dinner (7:30 p.m.): We went to a place called Akita Sushi in Woodbury. The service was, well, interesting to say the least. We were seated at a Hibachi grill, but with no Hibachi chef. We only had two menus for six people and when we asked for more menus, we got one additional one. Then they weren’t going to let two of the couples order the all-you-can-eat, and the other couple order from the menu. We then got a new server, who was super nice. However, when my friend ordered a gin and tonic, he was brought a tonic and whiskey (eww!). We asked her about the all you can eat situation and she asked the manager, who then said that it was fine. Long story short, we all got what we wanted, it just took a bit of effort!

The fiancé and I split some edamame, tempura shrimp and vegetables, fried rice, and I had a few pieces of a sushi roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, and salmon. I also had one gyoza (dumpling) of the fiancé’s. As for sugar count, I have really no idea. I know that tempura batter doesn’t typically have sugar in it. Nor does gyoza dough. There was the sauce on top of the sushi roll, however, that likely contained sugar. Other than that though, there was definitely way more salt than sweet in this meal!

So, I survived eating out, and Day 5!

Biggest challenge?

Going out to eat and not knowing exactly what’s in your food! And not wanting to ask what’s in every single dish ordered.

Tip of the Day: 

Before going out to eat, check out the menu to create a game plan. It doesn’t mean you have to stick with it precisely, but it will help you from making impulse decisions once you hear what everyone else is ordering!

Alright friends, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Comments/questions? Let me know below – I love hearing from you!



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