Restaurant Recommendation: Burch

Only one more week until soccer starts (can you tell I’m excited?!). This week the bf and I finally made it out to the Walker Art Center for their artist-designed mini golf. Super fun, and super cool! If you’re ever in Minneapolis in the summer, it’s worth checking out. We took full advantage of our last night free before soccer/football officially starts….


That’s me, inside one of the holes. It’s supposed to be an optical illusion with two people, however, without someone behind to take a picture it doesn’t look too crazy! :)

Afterwards we hit up a relatively new restaurant in the area called Burch. It’s a steak and pizza joint, owned by the same guy who owns 112 Eatery and Bar La Grassa (We have been to 112, and it’s amazing! The bf has been to BLG and is also a big fan.).

We were a little hesitant at first as we weren’t feeling the fanciness of a steak house (or the prices!). And not to mention, I don’t even like steak. However, they also do pizza, and have a great little lower level that is beautiful (and a bit more casual than the upstairs!). So we decided to try it out. And with an owner whose restaurants we like? It doesn’t take that much convincing :)

Here’s a look at their wood-burning oven:


We had front row seats to all the cooking, fire-burning, deliciousness-making action :)

And as for what we ordered, it went a little something like this:

1st – Wood roasted mussels with BLG (Bar La Grassa) italian sausage


I love mussels. And the broth with these was to die for. Not to mention the moist, perfectly seasoned italian sausage. Oh and who could forget the spinach (the only “vegetable” I consumed all night!). Such a nice compliment. Winner!

Second – Potato pierogi with golden raisins and poppy seeds


Soft, delicate pierogi with delicious flavor combinations. So smooth and creamy, it melted in our mouths! Loved it.

And lastly – The Aragosta Pizza with lobster claw, mint, chili flakes, and taleggio


I had to look up what taleggio is (it’s a type of semi-soft cheese). However, even before knowing that, it sold me with the lobster claw. I love lobster. And this pizza had plenty. You know when you order something with a more expensive ingredient and they skimp on it?! So frustrating. That definitely wasn’t the case here.

All in all it was a fantastic experience. Great ambiance, friendly service, and delicious eats. We will surely be back again!

Check it out if you’re in Minneapolis. You won’t be disappointed, and that’s a promise!

Also, on a side note: As I’ve eaten out oh-you-know, only like 5 times this week (Panera, Burch, Chipotle, pizza, and fettuccine alfredo at my conference – and it’s only Friday!) and was up north all last weekend (drinking beer, eating brats, you get the picture!) I am doing a one-week cleanse starting Sunday to get myself in tip-top form before the craziness of coaching begins. Only whole foods, no wheat, added sugar, or animal products. This should be interesting! Follow how I’m doing on Twitter @nicholsk13 :)



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