Best (and Worst!) of 2013

Happy New Year! I hope it’s off to a good start so far. Mine? So far, so good. Except I had the a touch of the stomach flu last week. And it feels like -29 degrees out right now (yes, you read that right). But other than that, I can’t complain. :)


Happy New Year!

You know that saying “You can’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been”? I thought I’d give a little nod back to the past year, and in specific what were the best (and worst!) moments on Eat Clean with Kate, before we move on with this new year. :)

Drumroll please…

Top moments of 2013:

1) Kale Berry Banana Smoothie – My first green smoothie experience. Mmm…

2) Gluten-free Chewy Granola Bars – The first attempt at making my own granola bars. Success!

3) Coconut Oil Popcorn – Where I discovered my love for coconut oil (and re-fell in love with popcorn).

4) Gluten-free Vegan Banana Pancakes – My favorite vegan and gluten-free recipe yet.

5) Beginner Green Juice – And finally, my very first attempt at juicing!

And now for the moments you’ve all been waiting for…

Worst moments of 2013:

1) Risotto that turned into risotto soup…by adding too much cream.

2) All the times I decided I could just “wing” baking substitutions (or not!). 

3) The gluten-free vegan pumpkin swirl brownies that looked (and tasted!) like a mixture of chalk and cardboard (see #2).

4) All the ridiculously not-so-good-looking pictures I posted at the beginning of the year (before I discovered free photo editing online at

5) All the amazing dishes I made and didn’t capture any pictures of (I guess a good excuse to make again!).

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were many, many, many more cooking and baking bloopers that happened over the course of the past year. Somehow (luckily!) most I’ve erased from my memory. However, I will say this. There is beauty in mistakes. In bloopers. In “worst” moments. That’s how we learn. Discover what works (and what obviously doesn’t). And make things better. And I’ve got a lot of “making better” to come in 2014. :)

And although I don’t typically make resolutions (or even goals for that matter), I do have some aspirations for the new year. A few worth mentioning:

  • Start a fresh pressed juice truck business with the fiancé
  • Continue to make juice on a regular basis (and experiment with new juice recipes)
  • Learn as much as I can in order to become an even better head soccer coach
  • Grow my health coaching practice
  • Try new things that resonate with me (first on my list, the healing practice of Reiki)
  • Finish my yoga teaching license (graduation date: June 2014)
  • Save and plan for our upcoming wedding :)

That’s what I’ve got so far, but I’m sure the list will grow.

What’s on your list for 2014?

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