Beginner Green Juice

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. The fiancé and I just finished making a late breakfast (I suppose at 12:30 p.m. that’s called brunch). Rosemary roasted potatoes with eggs. And I made myself a glass of fresh-pressed juice to go with. YUM.

I don’t make eggs that often anymore, as I find they don’t sit well with me. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve made scrambled eggs or an omelet (I usually stick to fried), so today I thought I’d give it another try. What started as an omelet turned into scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pesto (love me some pesto on just about anything!). It was actually quite delicious (and perhaps I’ll post on another day) but my stomach is not especially loving me now. I’ve decided that scrambled eggs (or soft eggs in general) are just not my thing. Or maybe it is the milk and egg combo (or egg and cheese, even though it was goat cheese which is easier to digest). Who knows. I have read some interesting things about food combining lately, and keep thinking I should give it a try. It’s based on the way different foods digest in the body, some complimenting digestion, and some interfering with digestion.

The rules essentially look like this (curtosy of

  • Starches + Veggies = OK
  • Proteins + Veggies = OK
  • Proteins + Starches = No No
  • Plant Proteins + Plant Proteins = OK
  • Animal Proteins + Animal Proteins = No No
  • Starches + Starches = OK
  • Fats + Proteins (animal or plant) = No No (or pair moderately)
  • Fats + Carbohydrates = OK
  • Fats + Starches = OK
  • Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach
  • Fruit + Raw greens = OK (except melons)

It’s definitely a bit more complicated than above, but those are the basics. If these food combining rules really do work, it makes sense that I have a belly ache right now. I ate three animal proteins together and also ate a starch (potato) with a protein. Not to mention I drank a glass of raw fruits and veggies with it. WHOOPS. Or it could just be that I don’t do well with eggs. I’ll keep you posted. :)

Back to what I originally started this post for. A delicious beginner green juice. If you aren’t into juicing yet, but want to start, this is a really easy green juice to start with. In fact, it’s not even going to look green (more of an orangish color), but will include romaine lettuce which is a start!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

3 medium carrots

1 apple

1/2 lemon

1 head romaine

1 large stalk celery

Beginner Green Juice

Combine all ingredients except for lemon into juicer. I like to squeeze my lemon with a hand squeezer directly into the glass, but you could also peel and put into juicer (it’s just more work!).

Pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

Beginner Green Juice


Any food combinations that make you feel ill? Any foods you just can’t stomach?




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