Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips

Boy oh boy oh boy.

I’ve come down with a cold – and boy is it no fun!

It must have been all of the fresh air this weekend. Seriously! It sure is funny how that works. I went for a run Saturday and a long walk Sunday, and I swear, my body doesn’t know what’s going on! Or maybe it was that and the ginormous glass of wine I had Sunday night. Whoops! :)

On another note, my package from Vitacost (read why I like it here!) arrived last week:

vitacost These are a few of my favorite things!

I posted about the KIND bars here (and here!). My package also included Justin’s Almond Butter (yum!), Red Mill White Popcorn (double yum!), Annie Chuns Brown Rice Noodles (hellllooo pad thai), and some organic beef jerky. Oh, and my new-all-time-favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world (can you tell I really like them?!) chips: Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips.

OK, so let me tell you about these chips. I discovered them in the Orlando airport at approximately 7:30 a.m. before our flight home. I was looking at the selection of snacks that I could eat for breakfast/lunch and settled on a KIND bar, a banana, and a bag of Beanfields Pico de Gallo chips. Chips for breakfast?! Yes, chips for breakfast. Not my finest moment, but don’t judge. Besides, once you learn more about these chips, you might want to eat them for breakfast yourself (kidding, well…kind of).

I’ll let you in on a (not so secret) secret: I LOVE chips. I really really do. Just ask the fiancé. We can’t keep bags of kettle chips (ok, any chips for that matter!) in the house for very long. Because I deeeevour them. Kettle chips, barbeque chips, chips and salsa. You name the kind of chip, I likely love it. Except for pickle chips. Ewww. I hate pickles = I hate pickle chips. Sorry you pickle lovers, I just can’t. Or any kind of chips that are artificially colored, flavored, or preserved. Cuz that’s just gross, yo.

And as a certified chip lover, I have tried a fair share in my life. Many kinds of regular ‘ol corn tortilla chips, lots of flavors of kettle chips, chips made with whole grains…the list goes on. These, however, are by far my favorite chip for one of my favorite snacks: chips and salsa.

Just gimme a bowl of some good salsa and these chips, and I am one happy camper.

Why do I like Beanfields so much? Here are my top 4 reasons:

1) They are the perfect amount of salty and the right amount of hearty.

2) You would never guess that they are made from rice and beans – they are that good.

3) They contain a good amount of protein and fiber (4 grams each), less fat than regular chips (only 5 grams), and are gluten-free (unlike some other grain chips).

4) Made with black beans, navy beans, and long grain rice (along and a little safflower (or sunflower!) oil and sea salt), these are maybe the most delicious (and healthiest!) chips I have ever tasted.

Did I mention they come in seven flavors?! Boy, am I in trouble. Of the best kind of course. :)

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips

Chips for breakfast. Mmmm. 

Check them out at and look for them in your local health food or grocery store.

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