Smart Swap: All-natural Cola

At the new Co-op (well new for as, as we hadn’t been there yet) the boyfriend and I picked up a can of all-natural Blue Sky Cola flavored soda this weekend. Curious as to how it compares to Coca-Cola, we decided to try it out. Now, if you’re a fan of the syrupy aftertaste of regular Coke, then this might not do it for you. But knowing what we know about how terrible high-fructose corn syrup is (see my post on it here!), and how bad the artificial sweeteners are in Diet Coke and other low or no-cal soft drinks (see that post here!), it’s a great alternative if you’d still like to enjoy the Coca-Cola flavor without all the other garbage that’s actually in Coke.

Blue Sky Cola Soda Ingredients: Filtered carbonated water, real sugar, caramel color (from sugar), tartaric acid, natural cola nut flavor, and citric acid.

Found at your local co-op or natural health foods store (or maybe even a big grocery retailer if you’re lucky!). Or buy Blue Sky Cola here online!


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