Restaurant Recommendation: A to Z Produce and Bakery

OK, so you can hardly call this a “restaurant”. It’s a farm that serves pizza. But still, it’s a pretty awesome concept.

I first heard of A to Z Produce and Bakery in the City Pages, but it was also ranked in the top 3 “Restaurants Worth the Drive” in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine. Sounded worth checking out, so the boyfriend and I made the trek (it’s an hour and a half drive from the cities!) to Stockholm, WI last week.

The story behind this place goes like this: On Tuesdays, the family behind A to Z make pizzas from the ingredients they’ve grown on their farm the other six days of the week. They open up the farm to the public and take orders between 4:30 and 8:00 p.m. Upon arrival to the farm you get in line, order your pizza (or pizzas!) off the blackboard menu, and then get a number and the approximate amount of time it will take (ours took about a half hour).

While you’re waiting you can check out the farm animals (we only saw a couple cows but they have pigs, sheep, chickens, and goats too!), buy some homegrown bread or cage-free eggs, and plop down on a piece of their land to enjoy the adult beverages (white wine is a good choice!) and appetizer (we had caprese salad) you brought.

Side Note: We also stopped in downtown Stockholm to pick up some pie at The Stockholm Pie Company (winner of City Pages ‘Best Pie’ in 2011) to enjoy after pizza. We went with a piece of Triple Berry and a piece of Apple. Although apples aren’t in season yet in Minnesota, the apple pie was pretty good. The Triple Berry however, was outstanding. If you’re a dessert person, a stop here before you get to A to Z (they are only open until 5:30 on Tuesdays) is a great idea!

Now back to the pizza. After a bit of debating, we went with a Garden Vegetable pizza and a Spicy Bacon pizza. Although we only needed one, we decided to order two – variety is the spice of life! (And not to mention, I love leftovers.). I didn’t think to take a picture of the pizzas before we dove into enjoying them, but here’s what the deliciousness looked like:

Garden Vegetable Pizza


Spicy Bacon Pizza 


Garden Vegetable pizza ingredients included eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, onion, and kale. The Spicy Bacon pizza was loaded with jalapeños, bell peppers, onions, heirloom tomatoes, and the thickest most delicious bacon I have ever tasted! All pizzas are made on their delicious homemade crust (wheat, no preservatives, so soft and chewy!), cooked in their outdoor brick ovens, and then served in pizza boxes. A to Z functions like a state park, you bring everything else you might need (utensils, plates, napkins, etc.) and take all garbage out with you.

I wish I had pictures of the view, but imagine a scene from Little House on the Prairie (if you remember that show!). A quaint little farm down a dirt road. Farmland as far as you can see. Cute little white church down the way. And on the way down you pass Lake Pepin, which is beautiful in and of itself:

Lake Pepin

(photo courtesy of

 A to Z is a fun, unique place for a group gathering or date night. If you live in the area (or even a bit of a drive away!), it’s definitely worth checking out.

A to Z Produce and Bakery

Open Mid-February through November

Tuesdays only, 4:30 to 8:00 p.m.

 N2956 Anker Ln. Stockholm, WI 54769


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